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What accessories are available?

The circulators models with a reservoir have 1/4" MPT internally threaded inlet and outlet for easy attachment to external equipment. Male inlet and outlet adapters for 3/8, 1/4, and 3/16 in tubing are supplied when units are shipped, along with a reservoir cover, one 2 Ft. length of insulated Buna N tubing, 6 ft. cord with standard grounded US plug on 120V models and European plug on 240V models. Additional accessories include a remote probe in 10, 25 and 50 ft lengths for the programmable models, Digital to analog communication adapter, PolyTemp Software, cooling coils, Tubing for high temperature up to 300°C, low temperature insulated tubing, Clamps, tubing, glass thermometer, Hollow plastic floating balls for insulating open baths, algaecide and bath cleaner.